From: "Daniel." 
Subject: [lang] Brainfuck Golf 2: Sorting.
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 21:41:15 -0800

The next Brainfuck Golf contest runs from now until the end of 
12/23/02, GMT/UTC. The challenge is to write the shortest brainfuck 
sort program that:

-follows the rules outlined at

-reads input which may consist of any nonnegative number of bytes 
with values in the range 1-255, terminated by a 0.

-outputs the bytes read (excluding the final 0) in ascending order 
(obviously, preserving the length of the file and the counts of the 
individual characters).

Then calculate your program's MD5 (for information see ) and submit the 
MD5 before the deadline to the Brainfuck Golf forum at along with 
your name/alias and the number of brainfuck commands you used. The 
actual source code should be submitted to the same forum after the 
deadline. Any questions should be posted there too. It accepts 
anonymous postings.

Other little notes:
-It might be a good idea to put comments in your code before 
calculating the MD5. A little paranoid, yes, but still possibly a 
good idea.
-It is explicitly allowed to use published code as a starting point.
-Good luck.

-Daniel B. Cristofani.