Brainfuck is an esoteric language created by Urban Müller. Having only 8 instructions, the language is easy to learn, yet hard to master (and it's practically impossible to write a useful program, despite what Turing might say). Brainfuck Golf is a contest, modelled after Perl Golf, with the goal of writing a shortest program to do a certain task.


You can get a Golf-compliant Brainfuck implementation, written in Python, here. It might change, because no one yet knows what exactly should "Golf-compliant" be. It is placed in public domain, and you can do whatever you want with it.


Dec 8, 2002
A new contest! It will run from now until 12/23/2002. For information, look on the Current contest page.
Nov 1, 2002
Brainfuck Golf is not dead! Contest #1 was not held on Sourceforge, as there were some problems which took a long time to fix; but now everything seems to work, and the third contest should start soon. Also, the Brainfuck Forum on sourceforge is now open for public discussion.
Aug 16, 2002
Added a link to the Brainfuck Golf discussion group. Thanks to Marcello Mamino!
Aug 10, 2002
The first (or rather 0th) Brainfuck Golf contest is over! You can see the results here.
Aug 9, 2002
Wrote the (very simple right now) CGI interface. Now people can submit programs, which will be then judged automatically.
Aug 8, 2002
Site created.

This page is managed by me, ayzik at shaw dot ca, but Brainfuck Golf is mainly discussed on the Esoteric Languages mailing list.
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